Bureau Veritas North America Electrical & Electronics, Automotive, Wireless & Smart World (EAW) group has full-service test laboratories on the East and West Coast with a global network of laboratories around the world to serve the needs of customers big and small. Go local or global with the market access expertise from the Bureau Veritas North America EAW team no matter how hard complex your product. With an expansive portfolio of test services that range from Bluetooth® to Zigbee, and market access expertise, your next product you can move forward with confidence.

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services. We help businesses improve safety, sustainability and productivity; and our clients include the majority of leading brands in retail, manufacturing and other industries. With a presence in every major country around the world, our quality assurance and compliance solutions are vital in helping our customers enhance product quality and concept-to-consumer journeys. We also assist with increasing speed to market, profitability and brand equity throughout the supply chain. Bureau Veritas is a leading testing, inspection, audit and certification provider, with a global network of test laboratories to support the IoT, Automotive and Electronic industries in areas of connectivity, security, interoperability as well as quality, health & safety, and environmental/chemical requirements.

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